our Story so far

Hi! We are Pat, Taz, Oakes, Arrow and Fawkes. We currently live in Santa Cruz, a small beach town on the coast of Northern California. Pat was born and raised here, but Taz was born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand when she was 12. She blames her parents for giving her the travel bug! 

We met at a CrossFit competition in 2009. (You can listen to how we met in more detail HERE.) Fast forward 8 years and we’re running our online business (Warmupandworkout), leading an online FUNctional Fitness Community (Outside The Box) and raising three kids. 

Our Podcast's main goal is to connect with other parents around the world so they can tell stories about their relationship and how they are currently raising their families. 

If you’re a parent, you know how comforting it can be to hear other parents’ stories. Raising good human beings is hard, and there’s so much conflicting advice about the ‘right’ way to do it. We don’t believe there is one right way. But we do believe in lifelong learning, in continuing to learn more about ourselves and the world every day.

In discussing books and podcasts with friends, we realized how many people are on a similar journey. We also realized how differently we all parent, which is endlessly fascinating to us. 

So that’s what we want to give you: A peek into the lives of other families around the world. 

Why? So that we can all learn from each other and connect with each other. To remember that we are not alone. We are in this together. 

A bit about us —
Pat likes to surf, connect with people, make terrible dad jokes and play Magic the Gathering. He is happiest when he is around his family, specifically, playing any sort of game. He is scared of the future but is very good at living in the present! 

Taz likes to be in the ocean, experiment with cooking, be ridiculous with her friends, organize (anything), laugh at Pat's dad jokes and just 'being' with her boys. She loves the future, especially organizing it, and is still working on living more in the present. 

Oakes, who is 6, likes playing Lego and being in the ocean. He is currently working on having fun, being curious and trying not to be a complete dick to his brother. 

Arrow, who is nearly 3, loves to climb, swing, jump, eat Legos and laugh. He is learning to talk, poop in the toilet and, also, how not to be a dick to his brother.

Fawkes, who is 6 months, likes to commando crawl anywhere is brothers are, usually with a toy close to his mouth. He loves to smile, poop and be with his family.

We are sort of part-time digital nomads. Our home base is Santa Cruz but we travel a lot. We are ever so grateful for the ability to be mobile but still have a home in the traditional sense when we need it. We are making the most of the opportunities we have, and our dream is to help and inspire you to do the same (in whatever capacity possible).

We don't pretend that traveling with kids is easy, but for us, the positive benefits it brings to our family outweigh any of the hardships that come with it. When things get really hectic, our motto is: ‘It can always be worse!’ We are all healthy, happy (most of the time), fed, clothed and in no immediate danger. Every moment we can spend with our kids is important and we don’t want to take that for granted. 

Our parenting philosophy is simple — We made the decision to bring them into this world, so now it is our responsibility to spend time with them and teach them how to be good people.

Making money is secondary to how important our family is to us. We love what we do and we are constantly trying to improve our services for our members and to make our connections with them stronger, but this has and never will distract us from being present with each other and making memories and good humans. This means saying no to opportunities, making personal/career sacrifices, and being honest with ourselves about how much we can actually fit into one day. We are challenged every day to find a balance between the kids, our personal needs and business. * Note: We are not perfect at this; like many things in life, it is a work in progress.

This is our story, we make mistakes but occasionally we get things right. Just when we think we have nailed this parenting gig, everything will turn to crap. And this can all happen in the span of 10 seconds. Which makes for a fun and exciting journey! (Maybe you can relate?)

Follow along and reach out, we love people and hearing their stories! #don'tbeadicktoyourkids