Episode 2 - Homeschooling, Homelessness and Happiness

In this episode we interview Jared and Brittani Truby. Their journey has had them homeless (but happy) to owning a thriving coffee business. (Cat and Cloud). We discuss how this whole process was for them and their family life. We also discuss Brittani's new venture of starting a school that fits into the changing lifestyles of families today, how to avoid 'crap' in the house and how having kids changed their relationship. Fun stuff!

Speaking of fun stuff, Cat and Cloud have kindly offered to sponsor The Tribe Life! We are super excited! Firstly, because they make the BEST coffee (we promise we aren't just saying that because they are our friends)! Secondly, they create the best culture we have ever seen in any coffee shop by treating their staff and customers like family, and thirdly, it means YOU get cheaper coffee. Head to Cat and Cloud and use the promo code BARBERSHOP and you will get a 10% discount on anything in the store, which is sweet because their apparel and mugs are awesome too! Double bonus because every purchase made helps fund our Podcast! Do it, drink more coffee! #youcansleepwhenyoudie

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Patrick Barber