Episode 14 - Sleep Coaching and Teaching Husbands How to be Appropriate.

In this episode we talk to an awesome local Santa Cruz couple, Kenny and Mackenzie. We discuss Mackenzie’s passion for her work in Sleep Coaching (peacefulsleepingbaby.com) and how she came about becoming a Sleep Coach and Kenny’s passion for Yoga and how he uses it as a tool for his own personal development and growth, and how he travels the world to share this with other people and in turn be a catalyst for their own growth.

We also discuss the dynamics of three children and how the news of the third came as a huge surprise to Mackenzie, and she talks candidly about how motherhood is not something she feels like she chose for herself and how she deals with that in her daily life.

Warning: There are a few sexual jokes, profanity and borderline inappropriate things said in this podcast, so pursue at you leisure :-)

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Patrick Barber